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2024 - Elevation is Required for the Next Level

Ehhhhh - Ima keep it a whole stack with y'all! (for my old school readers, that means I'm going to keep it all the way real with you - no holding back). I have been doing some deep reflection for the past two months and I realized for the past two years, I've grown and changed slightly but the growth within that time could have been greater...let me explain.

I have been praying for and believing in some things that I want to happen however because I have not closed the door on past seasons, the things I am praying and hoping for have not happened because I have not shut the door on those past seasons. I have to close the door on attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and thinking patterns that no longer serve me AND those that God already delivered me from. God cannot release new blessings or favor when I am still engaging in old attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and thinking patterns. And as I look back on my old entries, this exact theme resonates throughout my blog posts...deliverance from certain attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and thinking patterns but then going right back to that same thing and expecting a different result. Now that's called insanity. The Lord cannot make it any clearer than He already has. At this point, the problem is ME. This year 2024, I declare and decree that the old attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and thinking pattern are broken and I am set free. The door is officially closed and I am not going or looking backwards but I move forward in what God has called me to.

Here are some gems that I plan to use to help me win this year:

  • Cultivte a strong heart posture that is anchored in God.

  • Be mindful of what I tolerate in this season: don't be quick to say yes to things and only analyze them from my perception (this is where wise counsel/trusted advisors comes in handy).

  • Step out of my comfort zone and fully into my fire faith zone: the faith zone is where the impossible happens.

  • Start living abundantly in God.

  • Become besties with God.

It's time to elevate to a new level. I want different so I have to move different, think different, do different and be different. 2024 is going to be the year I win...financially I win, mentally I win, physically I win, my career I win, with love I win, my family I win, in life I win...claiming and obtaining it all.


Word of the Year: Abundance

Action of the Year: Inspired action; to blossom

Motto of the Year: Bloom where I am planted

Verse of the Year: Ephesians 3:16-20

Food for thought: Based on who you want to become, what one habit do you need to start? What one habit do you need to stop?

With Love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

P.S. Matcha is my absolute favorite! Put matcha on everything at this point. LOL.

matcha latte
Matcha Latte with a cat face. =)

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