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A Faithwalk - Letting God Handle Everything

Throw me away! It's been a LONG minute since I last posted. My sincerest apologies! Let's get started on this update. Sooooooooooooo....

My last post was in April and I shared how affirmations were completely changing my life and man has my life completely changed. I currently live in Houston and moved from Los Angeles the end of April. Long story short, my job in LA was ending in June and the lease was ending on my apartment in May (my sister and I shared a 2 bedroom apartment and she was moving in with her boyfriend once the lease was up). I wasn't ready to leave LA however I didn't want to have a roommate or leave the neighborhood I lived in. We lived in Culver City which is a beautiful town about 15 minutes from Venice Beach and Santa Monica. The perfect combination of an urban and suburban vibe. I couldn't afford to live there on my own especially since I had no money saved and hadn't found a new job yet. I went on a afternoon run one week before I needed to tell my landlord if I was renewing our lease or moving out. On this run, the Lord told me that I wouldn't be renewing the lease because I was moving to Houston. I was like, Lord are you sure because I love it here and I don't want to leave. You won't approve but I will make an OnlyFans account if I need to. LOL. I'm sure he probably laughed at me but that's why I moved to Houston because the Lord told me to.

Oh it gets better y'all...I didn't move to Houston right away. I moved to Arizona and stayed with my aunt and uncle for 3 months. So grateful for them because if they would've said no, I would've had to move back home to Jersey and that would've been terrible. My LA job was remote and I was able to finish out the job while living in Arizona. My LA job ended on Friday, June 2nd and I started my new job in Houston on Monday, June 26th. When I tell you the Lord is so GOOD, I really mean it. I had NO money saved up (I literally had $114.26 in my savings account) but was able to pay ALL my bills that month. My last check from the LA job came in the middle of June and my mom lent me some money in the meantime. I also didn't have to pay for food or rent while at my aunt and uncle's house. When I say blessed and grateful, omg such an understatement! Thank you for my family because without them, man listen! I'm never one to ask for help but baby, I learned during this time, it's okay to ask for help, and not only that, but that some people genuinely want to help. They let me bring Cali (my dog) with me too! And the Lord continued to show up and show out.

When the Lord told me, I was going to Houston...I was shocked but said okay Lord, you take the lead and I'll just follow. I had never been to Houston before and only have two cousins that live there with whom I'm not very close too. I'm just being obedient and trusting the Lord. I accepted a position as a Community Health Education Specialist for a prominent health system in the Houston area. How did I get this job? Another God moment...back in April I was talking to my Team Lead one day and told her I was moving to Houston and looking for jobs down there (my whole team in LA was contracted for a COVID-19 project and the project was ending so everyone was looking for new jobs). While talking to her, she told me she had just started a new remote position in Houston and they were looking to hire two more team members. She proceeded to send me the link to apply and I had already applied to that same position back in February. She told her manager that same day that I had already applied and the next day I received an email from the HR department asking if I wanted to interview. Of course, I said yes and two interviews and about six weeks later, I was offered the position. But the Lord was not done yet...

Like I said previously, I have no money at this point. My checking account is slim pickings and savings account has nothing. I started the new position the end of June while still living in Arizona but I would eventually need to move to Houston. Because I have nothing saved, I told my aunt and uncle I would move out in September/October because I wanted to save some coins and then move...I ended up moving to Houston on Friday, July 21st. I left for Texas at 2am on Thursday, July 20th with my dog, stayed in Dallas that evening at my bestfriend's house and that Friday drove to Houston and received the keys to my new apartment. (Sidebar: my sister was also moving to Houston and we initially planned to rent a house together but God had other plans). I cried that first night in my apartment, in total awe of God and in disbelief that (1) I was able to move into my OWN apartment and (2) it all happened so fast. God made a way when I nor anyone else saw a way.

It hasn't been all roses and rainbows since I got here though...I'll talk about that in my next post but God continues to amaze and go above and beyond anything I could ask or think. My Bible verse for this year is Ephesians 3:20 - Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. He is doing just that! In past seasons of my life, I had CRAZY faith (s/o to Pastor Mike Todd, that sermon series is something special). These next seasons of my life require BIG faith! I'm not sure what Houston has in store for me or rather what I have to give to Houston but I'm excited!

Circling back to affirmations, some of the affirmations I said daily were:

  • I am in seasons where I won't be able to stop winning.

  • I put my trust, faith, love, care, peace and joy in God because He is Jehovah Jireh.

  • I am built for everything God created me to be.

  • My thoughts become my reality. What I think, I can achieve and create.

  • I will stop worrying about everything because it's already taken care of.

  • I sleep in peace knowing all my desires are coming to me.

Affirmations continue to help change my mindset which helps me take action. I look back on the past few months and all I can say is: THANK YOU, GOD! I let go and let God. I had complete trust in God...I've always trusted God but this time was different. I can't even fully explain it yet...stay tuned. Just know God is so faithful and merciful and He has your best interest at heart even when you can't see it.

Food for thought: You already have everything you need to succeed within you - give it to Jesus and with God's blessing, it will be multiplied and magnified.

With love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

Me in my new apartment

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Diana Williams
Diana Williams
Oct 26, 2023

I finally was able to read your blog post.. its been sitting in my inbox. But isn't it crazy how God's timing and hand works! I can't wait to visit you in Houston, the Lord has truly blessed you and the blessings will keep coming. Excited to read the next blog post :)

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