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Balancing Life: Adulting - It's Not So Bad After All

Sorry fam, I have been so inconsistent with posting. I promise I will do better. Sooooo much has been happening, where do I start? Let's talk about the fact that I can proudly say, I have adjusted to "adulting." Bills, cooking, work, dog mom life, social life, it can be A LOT. The hardest adjustment has been my finances. I have always paid my bills on time and never received a late notice but as far as spending and saving go, that's another story. I have a habit of spending frivolously and not saving. I'm working on building my savings up and spending wisely but as with everything I do, it's a process lol. My sister and I recently moved into a 2 bedroom apartment so I had to buy new bedroom furniture (mattress, bedframe, pillows, sheets, dresser, nightstand, etc.) because I was using her bed/bed set. That stuff adds up, who knew a mattress could be so expensive. It was a NEED so I bought it. I'm still slowly getting my room set up and I'm happy to say it's coming along nicely. My sister introduced me to a financial advisor and we talked about retirement and life insurance. I have whole life insurance and a 401k account already but it's always good to make sure I'm up-to-date and privy to new information.

Work has been good and very busy these past two weeks. We recently transitioned to a new reporting system so it's been an adjustment for everyone. I'm still working from home which I really love. I would be okay with never going into the office again. The only downside is not being able to interact with my coworkers in person but my team has work outings where we meet up and socialize. I've been going to my hookah spot for karaoke Wednesdays and open mic/poetry night on Thursdays and it's such a vibe. My friend also introduced me to a new spot on Sundays for karaoke. The people I've met in LA thus far have been nice and I'm grateful for that. I believe I am slowly finding my California tribe.

In dog mom news, Cali's transition to the new apartment is going well. She has a pretty laid back, go with the flow temperament so I didn't think there would be any difficulties getting her acclimated. I got her a new bed and of course new toys. It only made sense since I got new furniture, she had to get new furniture too hahaa! She went to doggy daycare this past week and had a blast per usual. One thing I do need to work on with her is leash training. Instead of me walking her, she walks me! She is very strong and literally pulls me when we first start walking so I want to nip that in the bud ASAP. Other than that, she's literally the best.

That sums up my life right now...and I'll leave with this food for thought: Moving through the world requires constant recalibration.

With love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

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