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Celebrating Me

I started a tradition 3 years ago where I do different things leading up to my birthday based on the year I'm turning. This year I will be 30 years young so I started celebrating my birthday 30 days before my actual birthday. Now a lot of people may think this is obnoxious or I'm doing too much which is totally fine BUT baby I'm still going to do me! I will celebrate for whenever and however long I want and I would suggest you do the same. I recently posted a quote I saw on Instagram that said, "ain't nobody gonna go hard for you, like you go hard for you." I can honestly say I fuck with myself the hardest and that's how it should be. During this time of celebration, I will post things I like/love whether it's people, food, places, or activities, things I'm grateful for, or things that genuinely make me happy like doing an act of kindness or simply enjoying that moment in time. It can literally be anything I want to post that day. The first year I planned what I would do each day but the following years, I took it day by day and went with the flow of life.

Two weekends ago, I went back home for the sole purpose of going camping with my Dad. Both my dad and I enjoy camping and it's an activity we bond over so I was excited because we didn't get a chance to camp last year due to the pandemic. The camping trip did not go as I imagined it would but hey, such is life. During this trip back East, I also planned to visit my cousin in Atlanta and since camping didn't work out, I moved my flight to Atlanta up and headed to see my cousin. I had the absolute best time in Atlanta! It was refreshing, relaxing, and I felt like I was living my best life. My cousin lives in a nice apartment complex that has a pool, a fitness center, community lounge, and much more. We both have remote jobs so during the week, we planned a lunch date at a taco restaurant, another day we ended our work day at a hookah lounge and another day, we worked poolside and ordered Chipotle for lunch (our go to food spot). I would wake up in the morning to go for a morning walk while listening to one of my favorite podcasts or go to the fitness center and get a good HIIT workout in. We would end the night watching a tv show or movie paired with a snack or dessert. One afternoon, I remember sitting on the couch working from my laptop and watching an episode of The Basement with Tim Ross on YouTube thinking, "Wow, life is really good." I was taking it all in, that moment, and the moments of my time in Atlanta thus far. It was such a great feeling! I was amazed to get to a point in life that I didn't think I would reach so soon. It was a sense of freedom. Freedom in that moment meaning I could work from anywhere AND also do other things if I wanted too. And in that moment, I also realized I want to be completely free where I can set my own work schedule deciding how often I want to work or not and having the freedom to do what I want on any given day.

It was a moment of clarity for me. This year was a huge year for me. I moved across the country living on my own for the first time, started a new job, became an official full-time dog mom, financed a new car, developed new friendships, able to travel and work at the same time, in the process of launching a non-profit organization, and starting a business. A whole lot happened and a whole lot is happening and it is okay to celebrate all the wins and all the good things that have recently happened in my life. I feel like today's society is so fast paced, on the go, on to the next and we don't get the opportunity to celebrate ourselves like we should. My request for those reading this is take some time to celebrate you. You deserve it! Especially in this crazy, unpredictable world we live in today, nothing and no one is guaranteed. So celebrate YOU, that achievement, milestone, opportunity, occasion, accomplishment, decision, revelation, epiphany, person, whatever it is, simply because...why not? =)

Today is Day 21 of my countdown. So far, I worked out with my Culver City stairs framily, came back home took a shower, ate some cereal, started an episode of The Basement, took a nap, and finalized my birthday plans. I think I'm going to take myself on a solo dinner date tonight to a vegan restaurant. I LOVE food so...why not? (lol) Let the celebration of me continue...

Food for thought: Why celebrate yourself? Because one day you will look back and see that all along, you were blooming.

With love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

Sitting on the couch in Atlanta - humbled & grateful


This video is from last June when I came to LA to visit my sister for a month. Who knew I would be moving here 6 months later. Thank you God!

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