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Fresh Start - Life in LA

OMG...where do I begin? It's been 3 weeks since I arrived in LA. Right before I came, my sister caught COVID-19 so for the first 3 days, Cali and I were staying in a Airbnb which was cool. Once my sister was out of her isolation period, we moved into her one-bedroom apartment with her and her pup Vinny. And surprisingly, it's going pretty well. We haven't lived together since high school (over 10 years ago) so it's been an adjustment.

I haven't lived on my own since college but I don't really count that as living on my own. I didn't have to pay bills, cook for myself, or work back then. But y'all, the way these student loans and bills are set-up...why was I in such a rush to grow up when I was younger?! Take me back because this is not it! (lol) It definitely has been an adjustment because I've been living with my parents since I graduated college. I'm used to my mom cooking for me and I didn't have to worry about rent. I'm also getting used to being a dog mom and having a dog is a responsibility I wasn't ready for and still not ready for but here I am. I love my Cali girl to pieces and happy she came into my life because it was truly for the better.

I'm enjoying my time in LA so far, it is truly a breath of fresh air. I plan to explore, find hobbies I enjoy, find my California friend tribe, walk in my purpose and live a happy, fun life. I took Cali, who I also call Boog, to the dog beach last weekend. She had a good time playing with the other dogs and I loved being in 76 degree weather on a beach in January. Back home in Jersey, it's a winter-wonderland that I don't miss. I've been eating out a lot probably a little too much (lol). The food options are really good especially for vegans and vegetarians. Little Fatty, my favorite takeout restaurant serves Taiwanese soul food which is delicious. I'll order egg rolls, scallion pancakes, general Tso cauliflower, and vegan fried rice *insert face savoring food emoji* It is sooooooo good. I'm trying to get into cooking which is a work in progress. I'm good at making breakfast, its the lunch and dinner that have me wanting to order out. And it's not that I can't cook, I just don't like to cook but I'm NOT trying to starve or go broke either. I stopped working out since I ran the marathon in October, I took a break but want to start back. Honestly just taking things one day at a time. I recently listened to a sermon given by Paster Dharius Daniels. In it he said, "No L's. If it's a lose, it's a lesson. If it's a lesson, it's a blessing!" What a great reminder into the start of the new year! I'm not taking any L's this year, reframing my mindset.

With Love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

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