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God's Faithfulness

Someone asked me, "how do you know God is real?" I replied, "I know He is real because I have seen him work." There are prayers that I prayed for that only He could answer. The answered prayers came but only on His timing. Patience is a virtue. I once wrote that phrase out in college on a sheet of paper from top to bottom. I knew it would be important on my spiritual journey but didn't realize how important.

It wasn't always easy to trust God and there are still times today where I don't fully put my trust in Him. I started to keep a prayer journal to track my prayer requests and document when they are answered.

June 2014 - Wanting to move to LA to live and go to grad school

December 2021 - Moved to LA within 3 weeks with a full-time job and a place to live

January 2015 - My first job in my field using my degree but not making enough money

July 2015 - Getting a job not in my field and making decent money but absolutely hated it

August 2017 - Accepting an offer for my "dream" job

8/13/2019 - I apply for a job at Rutgers and I started praying that I get the job

10/10/2019 - Rutgers offered me the position.

8/15/2022 - Go to bank to open a checking account for the non-profit

9/27/2022 - Follow-up with bank on application for account - approval still pending

10/24/2022 - Bank account is approved and opened for non-profit

The last example about the non-profit checking account is so powerful for me. So in a previous blog post titled " Am I an Alcoholic" I talked about my sobriety journey and how God told me back in 2018 if I wanted to start a business I had to stop drinking...I called the bank twice to see if there were any updates to my application and was told, my application was not in the system. They suggested I go in person to the bank I originally filled out the application at and inquiry about it. On 9/27, I went to that bank location and was told the status of the application was still pending. I thought it was strange that the approval process was taking so long but didn't question it because I felt I needed to be patient. Patient for what exactly, I didn't know, I just felt a strong feeling to be patient over my spirit. On 10/24, I went to a different bank location and the account was opened within 2 hours! The representative informed me that the original bank I applied at didn't set up my account correctly therefore my application was sitting in limbo. I left the bank with an open checking account for the nonprofit. That same day, I randomly open the app that tracks my sobriety day count and that day marked 30 days of my sobriety. WOW! That was the longest time I had been sober since last summer. And it was NO coincidence! God kept His word and I was gracefully shown I had to keep mine and be obedient to His word. I have to be serious about my sobriety if I want to receive God's blessing. No drinking means no drinking. What I was waiting on for 2 months, happened in 2 hours! You can't tell me God isn't real.

I can give you more examples over the years of God's faithfulness but 2022 was the year. All year I kept saying to myself: Okay Lord, I SEE you! All that has happened in just ONE year! When people say, your life can completely change in 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, a month, a week or even a day; it really can! I give God all the glory and honor, this is His doing and I am a servant here on Earth to fulfill my assignment. I pray I continue to walk on the path He has for me; thy will be done, not mine.

In the first paragraph, I stated that there are still times I don't fully put my trust in God; well that way of thinking and mindset can no longer be. Starting today and each day after, I am fully putting my trust in God. I'm all in. I know and believe amazing things are in the works and I'm praying and believing for the impossible. Pastor Touré said "your miracle mentality needs a miracle environment." I can't just believe the miracle will happen; I have to be in an environment that is conducive to receive the miracle. I am claiming 2023 and beyond are going to be the best years yet. I know everything isn't always going to be a walk in the park but my God is ALWAYS right there with me.

With love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

A picture I took in January 2022, not knowing all the blessings this year would bring but remaining faithful.

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