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LA to Houston & Arizona in Between!

I always start with this line because I need to be more consistent with writing blogs every month...but where do I begin!?! So much is happening in life and I'm out here trusting God because He has never failed me.

Last year (2022) happenings:

  • I started a non-profit called The Wellness Purposed Group whose mission is to empower, educate and uplift individuals to take control and ownership of their health and wellness and build capacity and leverage resources for marginalized communities, businesses and organization.

  • I put together a quick fundraiser for the non-profit which had a great turnout.

  • I started a women's group for black women entrepreneurs that met bi-monthly to support, collaborate and uplift each other.

  • I started making candles and created a business for it, Treasures Sparked Intentionally LLC where we create treasures to inspire you.

  • I cultivated and developed an amazing community and found my LA tribe.

  • I supported friends and went to different events where I met AMAZING people doing AMAZING things - pursuing their passions in life and enjoying all the ups and downs that come along with it.

  • I woke up one day and just started.

2023 rolls in and I'm absolutely loving LA, this is my home and this is where I feel I need to be. My sister and I rent a two-bedroom apartment and the lease ends 4/30/2023. She is moving in with her boyfriend and I want to keep the apartment however I don't make enough to afford the rent on my own. I also don't have money saved up to go into a one-bedroom apartment and I don't want a roommate. Also I work as a contract worker. My original contract end date was in February which got extended until April and recently got extended through June. However I can be let go at any moment.

I was considering getting a 2nd job this month, thug it out, and come up with the other half of rent because I really did not want a roommate. But then I thought to myself, "do I really want to struggle especially if I don't have to?" My answer was, "No, I do not want to struggle." I moved out to California because my sister needed someone to take over her lease, it wasn't like I came out here for work or pursuing my dreams.

But last year was the most life-changing year I've experienced, from growth, to life lessons, interacting and meeting people from all different walks of life, navigating relationships and dating, and learning A LOT about myself. Last year was vital to my personal development and I'm grateful for every moment.

Since I didn't want to struggle, I started a 21 day fast to get clarity from God on my next move. I dropped the ball with staying in LA. If I would've managed my finances correctly, I would have invested, saved and been able to stay in LA on my own but because I didn't I am now reaping the consequences of my actions. On Day 8 (March 27, 2023) of my fast, it came to my spirit to move to Houston with my sister this summer. She was accepted to a nursing school in Houston where she will pursue a nurse practitioner license. I had no intentions to move to Houston whatsoever, if I moved to Texas my heart was set on Dallas. I've never even been to Houston so this is a big plot twist. My sister doesn't plan to move to Houston until July so I had to figure out where I would stay until our move in July. I decided I would move back home to Jersey for two months, save up and move to Houston in July. That idea was shot down by my inner circle and then some. They said, "I don't have a solution for you but figure it out because you can't come back to Jersey, we don't care if it's only two months. There is NOTHING here for you." I appreciated the feedback because I really didn't want to go and I knew in my spirit it was a bad idea to go back home.

My sister mentioned that my aunt and uncle who live in Arizona were going away for 2 weeks in April and needed a dog/house sitter. I reached out and they were happy to welcome me not only to come just in April but said, I could stay all of May and June until I move to Houston in July. The way everything aligned you can't tell me God didn't have his hand in this! He is a way maker because I just knew I was going back to Jersey and was going to take that "L" on the chin. However there was a bigger "L" at play. I truly believe I was supposed to get my finances together so that by the time our lease was up, I would've been able to move into a one-bedroom by myself, no problem however I fumbled the bag, literally and figuratively. I had/have purpose in LA, this was bigger than me. I was supposed to help people and because I didn't take that seriously, I'm making the hardest sacrifice by leaving. Although I didn't come to LA with purpose, I found purpose in LA. The community I made, the connections I developed, and collaborations amongst people I met, ugh. I'm kicking myself right now.

Today is Day 15 and I'm in the final week of my fast. Praying for understanding, clarity, and wisdom for what's next in my life. I do believe Houston is a way for me to get my finances in order because I hit a ceiling and I can't go any further. I have 2 credit cards which are both pretty much maxed out, student loan debt, a car note and my regular bills (phone, car insurance, etc.) and I do live paycheck to paycheck. I share that because I want to be transparent as possible on this blog. I accept full responsibility for the mismanagement of my finances and it's one of my biggest life lessons to date. You can bet I will never let something like this happen again.

While fasting, I'm simultaneously running back the 75 Hard Challenge. I attempted this challenge last year and gave up on Day 24. I told myself I would complete the challenge eventually and I decided that before this summer I would. Today is Day 20 of the challenge and I'm feeling good about it mentally; physically it's been a long week so my body feels tired and drained. I will complete this challenge! Last year and even this year is the best I've felt mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. The only dimensions not in sync are my work/career and financially. LA was really LOVE for me and I know I will definitely be back.

Currently, I'm in Arizona. Although the lease is up the end of this month, I came early to get the dogs acclimated to each other before my aunt and uncle leave out of town. (they have 2 dogs and I have a dog and last time, 1 of their dogs wasn't too friendly towards my dog.) I packed up most of my stuff this week and will be back in LA from 4/21 - 4/25 and on 4/26, I head back to Jersey for a week. I signed up for a Spartan race and I'm going to see my god-daughter. Everything happens for a reason and I know the two weeks I'm here in AZ by myself are going to be great. I started reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Koyasaki and it's right on time especially given everything that's happening. Increasing my financial literacy in order to do the things I want to do.

Food for thought: Knowledge is power. And with money comes great power that requires the right knowledge to keep it and make it multiply.

With Love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

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