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So How Did I Get Here?

I have been living in Los Angeles for 2 weeks and it still feels surreal. It has been a dream of mine since graduating college to live in LA. (I graduated college 8 years ago). Woohoo, I finally made it! Did I actually plan to be in LA for Christmas 2021? Nope. It happened all so fast. At the end of September 2021, my sister-cousin and I planned to move to Dallas by March 2022. We were giving ourselves 6 months to save up as much money as we could and move to Dallas. However my sister-cousin got a promotion at her job and decided it would be best for her not to move. I'm not moving either with a 5 figure pay increase. I was soo happy and excited for her. My plans remained the same: to move out my parent's house by March 2022. I'm talking to my sister (who lives in LA) and aunt who both tell me to apply for jobs not only in Dallas but in LA too. (they both knew I really wanted to be in LA). I started applying to jobs in both cities and I told my current job that I'd be leaving sometime before March 2022. My best friend lives in Dallas who connected me with a realtor who was helping me look at apartments. I booked a flight to Dallas for Dec. 1st where I was scheduled to look at apartments that Thursday and Friday. (Dallas was the safer move because the cost of living is cheap, LA not so much). Let me mention that just before Thanksgiving, a recruiter reached out to me about a position in LA who believed I was the perfect candidate for this position. I still flew to Dallas to visit my bestie and we had a great weekend together but I decided to cancel the apartment visits because I just knew I'd be living in LA. (that gut feeling or intuition). The next week I interviewed for the LA position and the day after the interview, I was offered and accepted the position. I flew to LA that same weekend to do the background check and I was set to start my new job in LA on December 27th. I gave my 2 weeks notice to my current job. At this point, I'm in a complete state of shock, all the emotions I was feeling: excited, scared, nervous, overwhelmed, relieved, anxious, and grateful. So how did I manage to move myself and my dog across the country in literally 2 weeks? Stay tuned.

With Love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

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Diana Williams
Diana Williams
Jan 08, 2022

Literally speaking things into existence …. The tongue is SO powerful! Congrats on your move and the courage and trust that got you there ❤️

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