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Summer is Starting off Right!

Okay, okay for real this time...I promise I will be more consistent with these blogs! So my cousin celebrated her birthday this year in Miami and it was lit. My cousin showed up and showed out for her birthday. She always plans amazing birthdays but this one was my favorite one yet. We stayed in a Airbnb, four bedroom, two bathroom and outdoor pool, house The house was a hidden gem about 30 minutes from South Beach. She also rented a 2022 white Porsche Macan which was absolutely gorgeous and rode so smooth. (definitely adding that to my list of future cars lol). She hired two chefs to cook dinner and lunch for our time there and surprised the group with 30 minute massages. The day of her birthday she rented a private yacht for 4 hours and we cruised along the coast of Miami. It was AMAZING. Immaculate vibes! My cousin really outdid herself for this birthday and as she should! The birthdays are going to continue to get better and better! I tell her she needs to be an event planner because she plans the best celebrations and events all the time.

So right before the Miami trip, I met this guy while I was brunching with my friend. He just so happened to be visiting from Miami so his nickname is Miami bae. The initial vibes of Miami bae were so good, my friend and I spent the entire day with him and his friend at a day party and then upscale lounge that night. I had so much fun probably too much fun that night, haha! Before the night ended, we exchanged numbers and he said he wanted to hang out again. And we hung out three times before I left for Miami. We went on dinner dates, went to karaoke, walked the promenade in Santa Monica, walked along Venice and Santa Monica beach late night/early morning, went dancing at a club and went to a my favorite hookah spot. I really enjoyed the time I spent with Miami bae while he was in LA. Miami bae is now back east but the time we shared was priceless. Although I knew he wasn't my forever bae, I certainly did enjoy his company. dating life...pretty much non-existent up until Miami bae. At the beginning of this year, I told myself I was going to focus on me and really enjoy my singleness which I've been doing. But I'm ready to start dating, my last serious relationship was five years ago so it's time. I am ready to start dating intentionally. I've used dating apps in the past but I want to meet people organically so I'm going to refrain from using the apps and be social and go to events and gatherings. Whew, a little nerve-wreck but this will continue to push me out of my comfort zone. Speaking of, I went to a beach party this past weekend and I had a good time. Great people, good vibes, good music, and most importantly fun. I wish I would've spoken to and mingled with more people but it's okay, there will be future opportunities.

Food for thought:

"The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be. Because of all I may become I will close my eyes and leap." - Mary Anne Radmacher

With Love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

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