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The Move: We Outta Here Baby!

I literally had two weeks to pack me and dog's belongings and fly to California. I got this! *inserts grinning face with sweat emoji* I was more concerned with how I would get my dog across the country than myself. Cali Boog is my one-year old puppy Rottweiler mix who is the sweetest pup you will ever meet. I thought about driving to California (road, fun, fun) but Cali gets car sick easily so that was a no-go. The next and only other option was to fly so flying it is. Since she wasn't small enough to fly in the cabin with me, she would have to fly as cargo underneath the plane. After reading online some of the horror stories of people that flew their pets in cargo, I was not feeling excited about this option...AT ALL. Services dogs (any size) are allowed to fly in the cabin with their owner and I'm not going to lie, I did think about using this option even though she isn't a service dog. However my moral compass would not allow me to go to that extreme and it's also a federal offense to lie about that (not trying to get arrested) therefore my Cali girl was going to have to fly as cargo. I ultimately chose American Airlines (AA) because their pet cargo reviews were one of the best. Shout out to American Airlines Pet Cargo program, the process was smooth, easy, and I felt good knowing that Cali would be in safe hands. In order to prepare Cali for our flight, I started to keep her in her crate for longer hours and I got her acclimated to her travel crate so it wouldn't seem new or foreign to her. I wanted her to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Before the flight, I gave her a little food and water and I was required by AA to provide a bag of food for her which was taped to her crate. She spent nine hours in the crate which included the time I dropped her off at JFK cargo to the time I picked her up at LAX cargo. I was so proud of my sweet girl. I was also relieved that our flight left on time and wasn't delayed. Even though, airlines provide the captain with a manifest of everyone on the flight including pets, I told him there was precious cargo (Cali) on the plane and to keep an eye on the pressure and temperature in the cargo area. He assured me that she would have a safe and pleasant flight. My baby's first flight was a success!

Packing for myself was pretty easy. I got rid of A LOT of clothes, shoes, and bags and only took the "essentials." I packed a suitcase and duffle bag and packed everything else in my car which I shipped to California. All in all, everything worked out perfectly. Have faith was the motto for 2021.

With Love,

Scribbles Pooh <3

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